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The Internet Intelligence & Investigation Handbook

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The Internet Intelligence and Investigation Handbook contains information to assist individuals working on behalf of Police Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Agencies and private sector organisations in conducting legal and ethical Internet Intelligence & Investigation activity with a consistent and modern approach. 

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About the Author

Steve Adams is a Criminal and Security Intelligence specialist and an expert in Internet Investigations (III/ OSINT/ SOCMINT). A certified and experienced OSINT Practitioner and Intelligence Analyst, Steve has worked on behalf of UK Law Enforcement and multinational private sector organisations to deliver solutions to successfully strengthen security and reduce crime. The founder of Intelligence with Steve, Steve has trained thousands of Intelligence professionals worldwide and has assisted numerous organisations by delivering solutions for information collection, intelligence management and fraud prevention. Steve is also an Associate Lecturer in III/OSINT at Buckinghamshire New University and has taken part in 2 Trace Labs Global OSINT Search Party CTF's, with his team placing in 3rd place in both events.

About the Book

Internet Intelligence & Investigation is a powerful tool against crime, however, the collection of internet data and information is heavily regulated. Improper use of the internet for investigative purposes can put an investigator and their employer at physical, financial and legal risk. Therefore, it is vital that legal and ethical standards are followed when conducting investigative activity online.

The Internet Intelligence and Investigation Handbook details the professional standards that are vital to conducting investigative activity online. Criminal and Security Intelligence specialist Steve Adams presents knowledge and advice that will ensure that any internet-based investigative activity that you conduct is carried out in a legal and ethical way that guarantees the rights of the subject and ensures your legal and physical safety.

This handbook details best practice for both public sector and private sector organisations. Standards adopted when conducting investigative activity online within the public and private sectors are inconsistent, risking the integrity of investigations and prosecutions. This document is designed to be relied on by organisations industrywide to establish a consistent and modern standard for the conducting of Internet Intelligence & Investigation activity.

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