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Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway


Transform intelligence 

into actionable insights


Learn to navigate the pathway to success in intelligence with new levels of precision. This course fuses our intelligence analysis and internet investigations modules.

Unlock your potential with the skills of an intelligence professional


The ​Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway fuses all of the training courses offered by Intelligence with Steve, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge required to succeed in any role in an intelligence team. This pathway will ensure that you're an expert in intelligence analysis concepts, as well as OSINT tools, techniques, and workflows. 


You'll learn crime theory, the intelligence cycle, intelligence products, and structured analytical techniques, and you'll be provided with some Excel dashboards to aid you as an intelligence professional. You will also learn how to conduct effective, efficient, legal, and ethical OSINT research, including situational awareness and investigations into individuals and businesses.

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Flexible Learning

Complete the course at your own pace and convenience. Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway can be accessed anytime, anywhere, accommodating your existing schedule and work commitments. With 12 months of access to the course, you can easily revisit relevant modules when the need requires, rather than having to rely on interpreting notes taken during an on-site course.



Intelligence with Steve's training eliminates the need for travel expenses related to training and reduces the time spent away from home. Students can engage in our Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway course from anywhere in the world, at a lower price point than traditional, in-person training courses.

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Comprehensive Content


Enhance your knowledge of intelligence concepts, analytical techniques, and OSINT workflows to drive more effective and efficient investigations and analysis. You will learn to convert raw data into actionable intelligence to drive informed decision-making and improve case outcomes.

Our Most Popular Course Modules


Crime Theory

Explore crime theory to understand motives, patterns, and trends in crime data. Gain insights into criminal behaviour, enabling you to identify prolific offenders, repeat victims, and priority crime types.

Vehicle Records for OSINT

Pick up the best sources for vehicle investigations, including licence plate searching, make and model identification, and VIN data.

Structured Analytical Techniques

Master structured analytical techniques to enhance decision-making. Learn to break down complex problems systematically, providing clarity for effective intelligence analysis.

Geospatial Investigations

Master situational awareness sources, including satellite imagery, mapping solutions, CCTV, and more.

Crime Prevention Techniques

Acquire crime prevention techniques to proactively address security challenges. Develop skills in designing strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and safeguard communities and organizations.

Image-based Investigations

Acquire optimal workflows for searching using images, including reverse image searching and facial recognition.

This pathway empowered me with the knowledge required for a career leap. Having worked as an Intelligence Officer for several years, I'd wanted to step up to analyst for a while. When a position opened up, I wanted to do everything I could to prepare, and luckily I discovered Intelligence with Steve. This course gave me the confidence I needed during my interview. The content on structured analytical techniques provided me with the foundation to convey the necessary skills to the interviewing, and helped me to excel in my new role."

Intelligence Officer, Public Sector Agency


Industry Use Cases


Law Enforcement & Government

Gather more evidence, clear cases faster, better safeguard the public, and make more informed resource allocation decisions.


Pick out high-risk individuals and businesses to limit exposure in claims for workers' compensation, auto, and healthcare fraud.

Global Security

Flag risks and threats to an organization, assets, people, and operations based on publicly available information.

Press & Media

Harness OSINT to detect critical events as they unfold to support compelling, accurate reporting of breaking news.


Collect information on relevant parties to support juror selection, client intake, witness research, and locating individuals.

Private Investigation

Discover internet investigation workflows to collect evidence to support investigations, driving better information for your clients. 

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