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Criminal and Security Intelligence


Harness intelligence-led
decision making


Discover how to make informed, timely decisions for resource allocation and crime disruption. Criminal and Security Intelligence explores crime theory, structured analytic techniques, and more.

Master the knowledge and skills of an intelligence analyst.


The Criminal and Security Intelligence course guides students on an accelerated path to skilled intelligence analysts, starting with a foundational knowledge of intelligence, exploring the intelligence cycle and crime theory, before moving into advanced concepts like structured analytical techniques and problem-solving methods. Completing this course, you will know everything you need to work in the intelligence field, understanding how to make informed decisions to direct finite resources to have the greatest impact in eliminating threats, risks, and crime.

Gain transferable knowledge and skills desired by employers in the security, intelligence, and investigation sectors.

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Flexible Learning

Complete the course at your own pace and convenience. Criminal and Security Intelligence can be accessed anytime, anywhere, accommodating your existing schedule and work commitments. With 12 months of access to the course, you can easily revisit relevant modules when the need requires, rather than having to rely on interpreting notes taken during an on-site course.



Intelligence with Steve's training eliminates the need for travel expenses related to training and reduces the time spent away from home. Students can engage in our intelligence and OSINT courses from anywhere in the world, at a lower price point than traditional, in-person training courses.

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Expert-led Insights


Harnessing the knowledge and experiences of the entire Intelligence with Steve team, Criminal and Security intelligence provides valuable insights from seasoned intelligence professionals. With years of experience across the public and private sectors, including roles in law enforcement, government, corporate security, and charities, the content is applicable to students in every industry.

Most Popular Course Modules


Crime Theory

Explore crime theory to understand motives, patterns, and trends in crime data. Gain insights into criminal behaviour, enabling you to identify prolific offenders, repeat victims, and priority crime types.

Problem Solving

Hone problem-solving skills for effective intelligence analysis. Develop the ability to identify, analyze, and resolve complex issues, ensuring strategic decision-making in your investigative work.

Structured Analytical Techniques

Master structured analytical techniques to enhance decision-making. Learn to break down complex problems systematically, providing clarity for effective intelligence analysis.

Excel Best Practice

Optimize your analytical capabilities within Excel. Learn advanced formulas to analyze data and use custom dashboards to quickly derive meaningful insights for informed decision-making.

Crime Prevention Techniques

Acquire crime prevention techniques to proactively address security challenges. Develop skills in designing strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and safeguard communities and organizations.

Intelligence Sharing Processes

Delve into intelligence-sharing processes for enhanced collaboration. Learn how to grade sanitise, and share intelligence.

Intelligence with Steve's Criminal and Security Intelligence course should be the first port of call for newcomers to the field. It provides a comprehensive foundation, ensuring new starters acquire all the essential basics of intelligence analysis, from understanding crime theory to mastering structure analytical techniques. This course meant that we could trust new team members had the knowledge needed to excel in their role from day one."

Intelligence Manager, Private Corporation


Industry Use Cases


Law Enforcement & Government

Enhance your investigation skills with advanced intelligence analysis, enabling proactive strategies and informed decision-making for public safety and effective crime disruption operations.


Strengthen your role in insurance fraud detection with intelligence analysis, enabling you to identify potential fraud, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions for comprehensive and effective fraud prevention.

Global Security

Fortify your global security efforts by mastering intelligence analysis, empowering you to proactively mitigate threats and bolster organizational resilience against evolving risks worldwide.

Press & Media

Empower your journalism journey with intelligence analysis knowledge, ensuring your reporting is accurate, in-depth, and capable of uncovering hidden information crucial for impactful investigative journalism.


Equip your legal practice with strategic intelligence analysis skills, facilitating thorough research and informed decision-making crucial for legal cases, litigation, and successful legal proceedings.

Private Investigation

Elevate your private investigation prowess with intelligence analysis skills, ensuring you conduct thorough investigations, uncover critical information, and deliver comprehensive results to meet diverse client needs.

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