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Corporate Bundles

Train your entire team
with just one subscription


Empower investigators and security teams with the knowledge they need to make effective, informed decisions. Instantly register all of your team for our training—without having to handle multiple subscriptions.

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Flexible Learning

Our on-demand training ensures that employees can access our courses at their own pace and convenience. Team members can learn anytime, anywhere, accommodating diverse schedules and work commitments. Promoting continuous skill development, employees can revisit relevant modules when the need requires and can access new material when it's uploaded, ensuring they can stay current with evolving OSINT tools and techniques.



Intelligence with Steve's training eliminates the need for travel expenses related to training and reduces the time employees are away from work. Teams can engage in our intelligence and OSINT courses from anywhere in the world, without incurring additional costs associated with traditional, in-person training sessions.

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Scalability & Consistency


Unlock unparalleled value with our competitively priced training packages, offering a cost-effective pathway to elite intelligence and OSINT skills within your team without compromising on the quality of learning. Consistent content delivery ensures that every team member receives the same high-quality training, promoting standardized knowledge across the organization. Organizations can also easily scale their training initiatives seamlessly as the team grows. 

Intelligence with Steve by the Numbers


Corporate Subscriptions


Students Enrolled




Industry Use Cases


Law Enforcement & Government

Enhance investigative capabilities and intelligence analysis skills for investigators and intelligence professionals, ensuring a proactive and informed approach to maintaining public safety and crime prevention.


Empower journalists with essential OSINT expertise, ensuring accurate reporting on breaking news stories, and a heightened ability to uncover hidden information.

Global Security

Equip security professionals with advanced intelligence analysis and OSINT techniques to fortify security strategies, ensuring proactive threat mitigation for people, assets, and supply chains, and organisational resilience.

Press & Media

Strengthen insurance professionals' online research skills and risk assessment capabilities, enabling a proactive approach to reducing fraud by uncovering contradicting evidence across the internet.


Provide legal professionals with a strategic advantage through intelligence analysis and OSINT skills, enabling comprehensive research and informed decision-making in legal cases and proceedings.

Private Investigation

Elevate private investigators' proficiency in intelligence and internet investigation techniques, enabling more effective and thorough investigations for clients.​

Intelligence with Steve's training enabled us to equip our entire security team with exceptionally high-quality training in intelligence and OSINT, for the amount we'd usually spend training just a few people. Because the course was on-demand, our team could fit in the training when they had time in their schedule, rather than us having to manage with limited resources while everyone was out for training. Being able to train the whole team has ensured that everyone has the same knowledge, so we can make sure that we're always making informed decisions to address security risks, without having to rely on SPoCs or training being relayed by those who attended a course. The corporate bundle also allowed for a really seamless purchase."

Director of Security, Fortune 500 Company

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