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New to Intelligence? Not a problem; we're here to help!

Intelligence relates to the criminal and security intelligence field. This field is commonly portrayed within popular culture as spy work; James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Eve Polastri are examples of how the world sees Intelligence professionals. However, Intelligence isn't all espionage and rarely involves dangerous work. Intelligence refers to the process where information regarding crime or security incidents is collected, collated, evaluated, analysed, and finally disseminated to key decision-makers. This process is done in an effort to identify the optimal allocation of resources, looking at how to predict, prevent, or monitor criminal activity, as well as to inform the pursuit of criminal actors, and to identify opportunities to prepare for or protect against future incidents.

Intelligence with Steve has developed a range of resources to assist you with learning more about Intelligence. Our development section can help guide you if you are looking at where you can study Intelligence, which roles you can work in within the field, as well as offering opportunities for you to develop your skillset. 


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Want to study Intelligence? We've put together a list of where in the UK you can complete an undergraduate degree or postgraduate studies in Intelligence.



Want to learn more about what roles exist within Intelligence? Check out our list of roles and job descriptions for entry-level positions.



Looking for a career in Intelligence? We've put together a list of some of the places where you can find your dream role.


The Internet Intelligence and Investigation Handbook is the definitive guide to the professional standards that are required when conducting investigative activity online (OSINT/III). 

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