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IwS Consulting


Elevate your Workflows

with Open-Source Intelligence


Empowering organisations across the UK and US to harness publically available information in innovative, efficient, and effective ways.



We help your organisation to understand the potential of OSINT, as well as the challenges and opportunities it brings.

​We will support your organisation in determining the business case for OSINT, enabling you to invest effectively in developing an OSINT capability.

Strategy Development

We support organisations in effectively scaling their OSINT capability according to their need and budget.

With a range of specialisms emerging in the OSINT field, we provide recruitment advice to help you navigate the OSINT market and identify the right people for the job to build a capable OSINT team.

Operational Support

We ensure that your OSINT capability can deliver from day one, providing advice on cost effective technology, fit for purpose intelligence product templates, and drafting organisation OSINT policies.

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us to learn more

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