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Master transforming data into actionable intelligence

Join thousands of students harnessing Intelligence with Steve's self-paced online training to empower themselves with internet investigation and intelligence analysis skills.


Seamlessly track your progress.

Easily access our courses and view your progress within our Teachable school. Curriculum progress is automatically tracked, so you'll never lose your place.

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Content that keeps you engaged.

Exceptional intelligence products are produced by highly-trained professionals. Follow our concise on-demand videos and utilize the supplementary materials to fully comprehend each topic.

Repetition is the key to learning.

Becoming a skilled intelligence professional doesn't happen overnight. You can revisit lessons as many times as needed with 12 months of access to ensure you're an expert. 

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Intelligence with Steve provides online on-demand training in Criminal and Security Intelligence. Our courses, hosted on Teachable, cover open-source intelligence (OSINT), crime theory, and structured analytical techniques.

Our courses are developed to meet the UK National Occupation Standards for Intelligence training. Our training pathways provide training to the same standard as National Intelligence Analyst Training (NIAT), the Intelligence Professionalisation Programme (IPP), Government Intelligence Analysis Training (GIAT), and Defence Intelligence Analysis Module (DIAM).

See a breakdown of the courses currently available below:


Intelligence Specialist

Complete all of our courses and certify as having completed the Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway.




Criminal and Security Intelligence

An overview of crime theory, analytic techniques, and more.




OSINT Tradecraft

Learn the tools, skills, & workflows of an OSINT professional. 




Intelligence with Steve has developed a range of resources to assist you with learning more about Intelligence. Our development section explains where you can study Intelligence in the UK, which roles you can work in, and provides links to some of the primary recruitment hubs for Intelligence professionals in the UK. 


Want to train your whole team? We can arrange bulk access to our content via one easy payment upon request.

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