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Intelligence relates to the Criminal & Security Intelligence field. This field is commonly portrayed within popular culture as spy work; James Bond, Jason Bourne and Eve Polastri are examples of how the world sees Intelligence professionals. However, Intelligence isn't all espionage and rarely involves dangerous work. Intelligence refers to the process where information regarding crime or security incidents is collected, collated, evaluated, analysed, and finally disseminated to key decision-makers. This process is done in an effort to identify the optimal allocation of resources, looking at how to predict, prevent, or monitor criminal activity, as well as to inform the pursuit of criminal actors, and to identify opportunities to prepare for or protect against future incidents.



Intelligence with Steve provides comprehensive and relevant Criminal & Security Intelligence training content at an affordable price level to over 3,000 students per year. The courses are designed to suit those new to the field, as well as individuals looking to upskill or refresh their knowledge and will provide you with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the world of Intelligence.

The training content is delivered by Steve Adams, an Intelligence Specialist from the UK. Steve worked as an Intelligence Analyst at one of the largest Police forces in the UK before taking up a position as an Intelligence Researcher within a specialist private sector based law enforcement Intelligence unit. Steve acts as specialist Internet Investigator, locating criminals and identifying criminal activity by conducting OSINT investigations into individuals and businesses, as well as monitoring risk through horizon scanning on a multitude of sources. Steve is passionate utilising his training in Intelligence to benefit the global community and has participated in two Trace Labs Global OSINT Search Party CTF's, with his team placing 3rd consecutively in these events.

Each course provided by Intelligence with Steve is regularly updated with new content to reflect the ever-changing landscape of Intelligence and to ensure that you are learning up to date skills.

Here's a breakdown of what makes Intelligence with Steve's training so great:

  • Self-paced - Our courses are pre-recorded and online, so students can access the content at their own pace and on their schedule.

  • Continued Development - Students get 12 months of unlimited access to our content, so they can target their learning and revisit any courses when necessary.

  • Concise - Each lesson within our courses is designed to be no longer than 15 minutes. Our students don't want to watch us talk for hours continuously, so we don't ask them to.

  • Affordable - Our content is on-demand, so we can offer our courses at a fantastic price level.

  • Open to All - Anyone with a passion for Intelligence can sign up and access our courses.



Intelligence with Steve offers online on-demand training in both Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Intelligence Analysis. Courses available cover a range of topics including practical techniques for conducting OSINT, legal guidance and analytical theories.

Our courses are currently hosted primarily on Teachable, a market-leading online learning platform.

See below a breakdown of the courses currently available.

Professionalisation Pathways

Intelligence Specialist

An overview of Intelligence; including all our courses, you'll become an expert in all things Intelligence.



Intelligence Analyst

An overview of Intelligence Analysis, including Crime Theory, the Intelligence Cycle & Structured Analytical 




Intelligence Officer

An overview of Intelligence; including intelligence grading and sanitisation and how to legally conduct OSINT activity in the UK.




OSINT - Tools & Techniques

A demonstration of the tools and skills of an OSINT professional. 



Introduction to Intelligence

An overview of Intelligence and Crime Theory.



OSINT Legal & Ethical Guidance

An overview of UK guidance on how Open-Source activity should be conducted legally within the UK.



Intelligence Analysis Masterclass

An overview of Structured Analytical Techniques and approaches to problem-solving.




Intelligence with Steve has developed a range of resources to assist you with learning more about Intelligence. Our development section can help guide you if you are looking to determine where you can study Intelligence in the UK, which roles you can work in within the field, as well as  providing links to some of the primary recruitment hubs for the Intelligence professionals in the UK. 


Want to train your whole team? We can arrange bulk access to our content via one easy payment upon request.

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