Specialised Intelligence Training
from a Certified Professional.

IwS provides in-depth Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Intelligence Analysis training and certification.


Intelligence with Steve offers on-demand training in both Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Intelligence Analysis. Courses available cover a range of topics including practical techniques for conducting OSINT, legal guidance and analytical theories.


Electronic handouts are provided when appropriate as part of our courses, to allow our students to focus directly on the content, rather than worrying about note-taking.

Our courses are currently hosted primarily on Teachable, a market-leading online learning platform.


See below a breakdown of the courses currently available.

Professionalisation Pathways

Intelligence Specialist

An overview of Intelligence; including all our courses, you'll become an expert in all things Intelligence.



Intelligence Analyst

An overview of Intelligence Analysis, including Crime Theory, the Intelligence Cycle & Structured Analytical 




Intelligence Officer

An overview of Intelligence; including intelligence grading and sanitisation and how to legally conduct OSINT activity in the UK.




OSINT- Tools & Techniques

A demonstration of the tools and skills of an OSINT professional. 



Introduction to Intelligence

An overview of Intelligence and Crime Theory.



OSINT Legal & Ethical Guidance

An overview of UK guidance on how Open-Source activity should be conducted legally within the UK.



Intelligence Analysis

An overview of Structured Analytical Techniques and approaches to problem solving




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