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Intelligence with Steve offers online on-demand training in both Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Intelligence Analysis. Courses available cover a range of topics including practical techniques for conducting OSINT, legal guidance and analytical theories.

Our courses are currently hosted primarily on Teachable, a market-leading online learning platform.


See below a breakdown of the courses currently available.

Professionalisation Pathways

Intelligence Specialist

An overview of Intelligence; including all our courses, you'll become an expert in all things Intelligence.



Intelligence Analyst

An overview of Intelligence Analysis, including Crime Theory, the Intelligence Cycle & Structured Analytical 




Intelligence Officer

An overview of Intelligence; including intelligence grading and sanitisation and how to legally conduct OSINT activity in the UK.




OSINT- Tools & Techniques

A demonstration of the tools and skills of an OSINT professional. 



Introduction to Intelligence

An overview of Intelligence and Crime Theory.



OSINT Legal & Ethical Guidance

An overview of UK guidance on how Open-Source activity should be conducted legally within the UK.



Intelligence Analysis

An overview of Structured Analytical Techniques and approaches to problem-solving.




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