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OSINT Legal and Ethical Guidance

About the course

OSINT Legal and Ethical Guidance has been designed by an expert in criminal investigation, who has successfully utilised OSINT techniques during both Police and Private investigations. The trainer has a law enforcement background and successfully used the skills demonstrated within this course to identify and locate criminal individuals.

This training is essential for anyone working within a relevant public authority under schedule 2 of RIPA, but should also be taken to ensure best practice by anyone within law enforcement, corporate security, investigations, journalism and human resources, who are all heavily involved in the collection of information for intelligence purposes. Certification provided with this course will allow you to demonstrate evidentially that you have the appropriate knowledge needed to conduct Open-Source investigations or research within the UK; this could be crucial in court when acting as a witness or in the event that you are sued for breaching UK or EU privacy legislation.

NPCC guidance states that Level 1 Training is a must for anyone conducting any Open-Source activity. However, Level 1 training is only offered via NCALT package to those within Law Enforcement Agencies. As more and more private companies develop their own Intelligence and Investigative Units, there is an ever-increasing need for a similar course to be designed for private companies. Intelligence with Steve offers this Level 1 certification, to fill this gap and allow you or your staff to be able to demonstrate this required level of training.

The Internet is a vital tool for investigation, with individuals now sharing more information on themselves than ever. Through the effective use of web browsers, search engines and social media you can find a plethora of information on an individual, this is referred to as Open-Source Intelligence. However, collecting this Intelligence for investigative purposes is not without risk. This course will provide you with an overview of UK guidance from the National Police Chief’s Council and Police Forces on how Open-Source activity should be conducted.

This course is modelled on one of the main modules within the College of Policing's Intelligence Professionalisation Programme and is one of the four modules available from Intelligence with Steve that makes up our own Intelligence Professionalisation Programme for Intelligence Officers. 

This course is suitable for anyone within the commercial world who is involved in the collection of information for intelligence or investigative purposes.

The course is available online on Teachable via the above link. An interactive workshop with similar content can also be delivered on-site at any business premises of your choosing, which can be arranged via the contact section on our main page.

Current Course Modules

Introduction and Overview

  • Introduction

  • What is Open-Source Activity?

  • Why do I need training?

  • Legislation

Investigative Levels

  • NPCC Investigative Levels

  • False Personas

  • Technical Requirements

  • Intelligence Collection and Activity Recording

  • Intelligence Grading

  • Ethical Considerations



  • Level 1 Certification Final Quiz 

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