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Momentum: Navigating a Career in OSINT


Discover how to become a
successful OSINT professional


A guide to career success for aspiring professionals, outlining a path through the labyrinth of diverse career avenues. This course outlines how to build a foundation as an OSINT professional, including developing the right skills, building a resume, networking, and finding a role.

Learn how to chart a course in the OSINT job market

Momentum is a framework for aspiring OSINT professionals, whether they are students seeking their first role, professionals transitioning into an OSINT career, or early career intelligence specialists looking for their next role.


Navigating the job market and securing a role can be challenging and scary. This course outlines how to best prepare and position yourself for success. You'll learn which skills to develop, how to draft an attention-grabbing resume, and how to get through the recruitment process.

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Flexible Learning

Complete the course at your own pace and convenience. Momentum: Navigating a Career in OSINT can be accessed anytime, anywhere, accommodating your existing schedule and work commitments. You can easily revisit relevant modules when the need requires, rather than having to rely on interpreting notes taken during an on-site course.



Intelligence with Steve's training eliminates the need for travel expenses related to training and reduces the time spent away from home. Students can engage in our OSINT Tradecraft course from anywhere in the world, at a lower price point than traditional, in-person training courses.

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Comprehensive Content


Enhance your knowledge of OSINT tools, techniques, and workflows to drive more effective data collection and analysis. You will learn to employ advanced technical OSINT tradecraft to generate actionable intelligence reports to help support decision-making processes.

Our Most Popular Course Modules


Building a Foundation

Get to grips with a career OSINT by learning education and training options and the key skills you need to develop for success as an OSINT professional.

Navigating the Job Search

Pick up the best places to discover OSINT jobs and learn the industries and roles where OSINT can be applied to identify where to focus your attention.

Crafting a Resume

Learn how to tailor your CV to present your skills and experiences effectively, ensuring that you stand out in the competitive field of OSINT.

Interview Preparation

Master the common interview questions for intelligence professionals and start to plan how to frame your experience to demonstrate your skills.

Maximizing LinkedIn

Discover how to build a robust LinkedIn profile, crafting a compelling headline and engaging summary that tells your story and describes your expertise in OSINT.

Embracing Continuous Learning

Acquire workflows to stay up-to-date in OSINT, including joining communities, embracing continued development, and maintaining a portfolio

When I left university, I started a job in another field, but I wasn't satisfied with where my future was heading. A career in investigations was intriguing to me but I found the OSINT job market incredibly daunting. I reached out to Steve to learn more about his experience and he set me up with access to this course before it was published. I took Steve's advice and focused on a career in the police. I'm now waiting for my vetting to go through before I start my new role as an intelligence officer."

"Hannah", Seeking a Career Change


Industry Use Cases


Law Enforcement & Government

Get on the job ladder within the public sector to help these organisations stay ahead in their mission to safeguard the public.


Identify opportunities to employ OSINT as a claims handler or within an SIU team to tackle insurance fraud.

Global Security

Help security teams to protect organisations from threats and risks to their people, assets, reputation, and supply chain.

Press & Media

As media companies as heavily investing in OSINT specialists, leverage your skills to be the first to cover breaking news stories.


Join investigators and librarians leveraging OSINT for client intake, discovery, jury selection, and witness research.

Private Investigation

Be one of the private investigators leading the way by harnessing publicly available information to close cases effectively.

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