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Introduction to Intelligence

About the course

Introduction to Intelligence is suitable for anyone looking for an overview of Criminal Intelligence and provides the foundational knowledge needed for anyone working within the Intelligence community. This course is modelled on one of the main modules within the College of Policing's Intelligence Professionalisation Programme and is one of the four modules available from Intelligence with Steve that makes up our own Intelligence Professionalisation Programme's for both Intelligence Officers and Intelligence Analysts. 

The course has been developed by an expert in Intelligence, who has a law enforcement background and successfully used the skills demonstrated within this course to identify and locate criminal individuals.


This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Criminal Intelligence, covering relevant definitions, the Intelligence Cycle and Crime Theory. The full list of modules available can be seen below.

The course will soon be online on Teachable, however, an interactive workshop with the content listed below can already be delivered on-site at any business premises of your choosing, which can be arranged via the contact section on our main page

Current Course Modules

The Basics of Criminal and Security Intelligence

  • Introduction

  • Intelligence Led Policing

  • Defining Intelligence

  • Levels of Intelligence

  • Job Roles within Intelligence

  • Defining Analysis in the world of Intelligence

  • The Intelligence Cycle

  • National Intelligence Model

  • Quiz

The Intelligence Submission Process

  • An introduction to Intelligence Submission

  • Intelligence Grading under the 3x5x2 classification system

  • Intelligence Sanitisation and Triage

  • The importance of an Audit Trail

  • Quiz

Crime Theory

  • Conventional Policing

  • Problem-Oriented Policing

  • Rational Choice Theory

  • Routine Action Theory

  • The Problem Analysis Triangle

  • The Wolf, Duck and Den Model

  • The SARA Model – Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment

  • The 3i Model

  • The 5 I’s Framework

  • The 5 WH’s

  • The Broken Windows Theory

  • The Pareto Rule

  • Crime Scripting

  • Behavioural Crime Linkage

  • Quiz

Crime Prevention Techniques

  • Crime Displacement

  • Concealing Targets

  • Removing Targets

  • Unique Property Displacement

  • Market Disruption

  • Denying Benefits

  • Neutralising Peer-Pressure

  • Discouraging Imitation

  • Alerting the Conscience

  • Controlling Addiction

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