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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Enquiries
about Intelligence with Steve


All your questions answered

What is Intelligence with Steve?

Intelligence with Steve is a training provider, focusing on delivering on-demand virtual training in offers online on-demand training in criminal and security intelligence, covering open-source intelligence (OSINT) and intelligence analysis.

Where can I access the course?

Easily access our courses within our Teachable school. Your progress through our course curriculum is automatically tracked, so you can complete the courses at your own pace.

Is this course the IPP accreditation?

The Intelligence Professionalisation Pathways that we offer are intended as equivalent to IPP training, rather than being IPP. The only way to get official IPP training in the UK is via the College of Policing, who established the course. Our Professionalisation Pathways are designed to provide you with a similar knowledge and skill base to IPP training, as well as NIAT, GIAT and DIAM, to ensure that you can learn similar content to the same high standard. 

Do the NCA and other Law Enforcement Agencies recognise Intelligence with Steve's Pathways as 'equivalent' to IPP?

There is no official list of recognised 'equivalent' training, with decisions seemingly made by hiring managers on a case-by-case basis. Requests for clarification are usually met with a response that those applying are advised to use their own judgment. 

What's different about Intelligence with Steve?

Intelligence with Steve provides an alternative approach to Intelligence training. Entry-level training in Intelligence is not readily available to either those looking to move into the field or those who are new to the field. Intelligence Officers and Analysts generally have to wait anywhere from a few months to a number of years before they are provided with structured training like IPP and NIAT and until that point, they have to rely on the skills that they can pick up on the job. Through Intelligence with Steve, training is now available so that you can support your application into an Intelligence role or take our training as you begin your role, ensuring that you have a full overview of Intelligence and the relevant skills that are needed.


Courses like the IPP and NIAT are generally 5-10 back-to-back days of in-person training, so are likely to be 40 - 70 hours and between £1,000 - £2,000. The Intelligence Professionalisation Pathways from Intelligence with Steve offer a more affordable and manageable approach to learning, with closer to 10 hours of content. We focus on providing clear and concise on-demand videos, with the goal being not to exceed ten minutes per concept. This greatly reduces the length of the course, offering a different learning experience, where students can choose their own pace and can recap any lectures as many times as they need. 

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