IwS Trailblazer Programme

Free Criminal Intelligence training for Ethnic Minorities.


Intelligence with Steve was established to provide a supportive and collaborative learning environment for those looking to develop their knowledge and skills within the criminal Intelligence field. As part of this mission, we strongly believe in supporting the next generation of Intelligence specialists and have therefore established the Trailblazer programme. There is a clear lack of ethnic diversity in management positions within the Criminal and Security Intelligence field and we at Intelligence with Steve want to help in working to a more representative future.

The Trailblazer Programme has been established to support ethnic minorities looking to enter into the criminal Intelligence field. Selected students will be provided with 12-months access to the Intelligence with Steve Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway and will be mentored by one of the Intelligence with Steve team. Applications are open to any BAME individuals who are either University students, recent graduates or experienced professionals looking for a career change. Students in the Trailblazer Programme will cover both Intelligence Analysis and Internet Investigations (OSINT).




  • Introduction to IwS and the course 

  • What is Open-Source Activity?

  • Why do I need training?

  • Legislative impact on OSINT

  • Foundations of OSINT 

  • Investigative Process Flowcharts

  • OSINT Policy

  • What is Intelligence-Led Policing?

  • Intelligence Definition

  • Analysis Definition

  • The Intelligence Cycle

  • National Intelligence Model – UK Policing

  • 80-20 rule

Investigative Levels of OSINT

  • NPCC Investigative Levels

  • False Personas

  • Technical Requirements

  • Intelligence Collection and Activity Recording

  • Intelligence Grading

  • Ethical Considerations

The basics of Analysis

  • Intelligence Definition

  • Analysis Definition

  • The Intelligence Cycle

  • Intelligence Classification – 3x5x2 – 5x5x5

  • National Intelligence Model – UK Policing

  • 80-20 rule


Crime Theory

  • Conventional Policing

  • Problem-Oriented Policing

  • Rational Choice Theory

  • Routine Action Theory

  • Problem Analysis Triangle

  • Wolf, Duck and Den

  • SARA – Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment

  • 5 I’s

  • 5 WH’s

  • Displacement

  • Behavioural Crime Linkage

Intelligence Handling

  • Intelligence Classification – 3x5x2 – 5x5x5

  • Intelligence Sanitisation

Your Set-Up for Internet Investigations

  • Your hardware 

  • VPN's 

  • Virtual Machines 

  • Virtual Machines - Installing Buscador 

  • Browsers 

  • Setting up your browser for optimal security 

  • Activity Recording 

  • Subject Profile Structure - What to include? 


  • Quick Briefing

  • Capturing links

  • Capturing full webpages

  • Quick Web Caches

  • Ad and Script Blocking

  • Secure Connection

  • Media Download


  • A quick briefing on OSINT tools

  • People Search Engines

  • eMail tools

  • Messaging App Security

  • Data Breaches and Passwords

  • Caches

  • Web Domains

Advanced Searching

  • Site Operators

  • Business Searching


Social Media

  • General Account Advice

  • Facebook - Creating an Account

  • Facebook - Searching

  • Facebook - Searching by employer and/ or location

  • Facebook - Seeing the Groups a user is a member of (Coming Soon)

  • Facebook - Search posts and photos by location 

  • Facebook - Searching by advertising history 

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn - Searching by email address

  • LinkedIn - Searching by current and previous employers

  • LinkedIn - Identifying the name of an anonymous "LinkedIn Member" account

  • LinkedIn - Searching without an account

  • Instagram - Downloading a full-size photo

  • Instagram - Searching by date posted

  • Instagram - Downloading an open user's account

  • TikTok

  • TikTok - Downloading a full-size photo

  • TikTok - Searching by date posted

  • TikTok - Downloading a user's network

  • Snapchat - Viewing a user's story

  • Activity Tracking Apps


  • Canary Tokens and the alternatives

Photos and Maps

  • Reverse Image Searching

  • Metadata

  • Mapping Options


Terms of Reference

  • Purpose

  • Direction

  • Creating



  • Collection

    1. Closed Source

    2. Open Source

    3. Collection Plan

  • Collation

  1. Initial Moves and storage

  • Evaluation

  1. Evaluation of Intelligence

  2. Evaluation of Information


Structured Analytical Techniques

  • Crime Pattern Analysis

  • Demographic and Social Trend Analysis

  • Network Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Criminal Business Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • Subject Analysis

  • Results Analysis

  • Operational Intelligence Assessment

  • Case Analysis

  • Specialist Data – Financial

  • Specialist Data – Communications



  • Definition and Importance

  • Inference Development

  1. Logic

  2. Inference

  3. Development

  4. Testing



  • Key Findings

  • Intelligence Gaps

  • Recommendations

Problem Solving

  • Brain Storming

  • SWOT

  • Impact Analysis

  • Gartner's Magic Quadrants

  • Cloak and Dagger


Your product

  • Types of Product

  1. Analytical

  2. Intelligence

  • Writing

  • Peer Review



  • Dissemination Process

  • Briefings and Presentations

Want to be a Trailblazer?


Please see the below guidance, explaining how to become a student in the Trailblazer Academy?

When is the next session?

Follow us on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn and watch out for an announcement of our next start date.

What does this cost?

It's free! We will provide this programme free of charge to selected applicants, who are willing to commit to this programme (below).

Where is this training held?

The training content is on-demand, so you can learn wherever and whenever you have an Internet Connection. 

How does the mentoring work?

You will be able to reach out to the Intelligence with Steve team for support whenever you need it.

What's are your commitments to take part?

To take part in the trailblazer programme, a student must agree to the below rules:

  • Must complete surveys to help us shape the group process.

  • Must be willing to collaborate with the other students and attend and participate within group sessions.

  • Must be prepared to lead discussion within any small group meeting.

Who is involved in running the Programme?

The video lectures for the Intelligence Specialist Professionalisation Pathway are led by Steve Adams. Mentors involved with the programme include the whole Intelligence with Steve team.

How do you request to take part?

Send your CV to us as info@intelligencewithsteve.com with an explanation of why you would like to take part (500 words max).


All IwS Trailblazers will be awarded certification upon completion of the academy programme, to allow them to evidence their professional development.

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